Feature Upgrade: Relocate Activities to any Client

Feature Upgrade: Relocate Notes, Emails & Time Entries - Anywhere!

19-Feb 2019

When you're logging time entries, emails, calls and meetings into Accelo several times each day, it's only human to occasionally save your notes against the wrong client project or ticket! Or maybe you handle a lot of emails from clients, vendors and partners - which Accelo captures automatically - and need to move these conversations to the appropriate sales opportunity or retainer. While moving activities within a client is efficient, moving activities between clients was cumbersome. The great news is we've opened up Accelo's Relocate Activity engine to be way more flexible, allowing work to be quickly moved under any client within your Accelo account.

relocate gif

Client-Centric Relocation

When you open the new Relocate experience, you'll notice the company currently associated with the activity is selected at the top. Now it's a simple click to search across all of your clients, vendors and prospects to ultimately move the activity onto any record in Accelo. Once you select a company, all the relevant work for that company will appear below, sorted into handy tabs - with the most prominent work shown first - which might be tickets if that's the main work you do for them.

relocate companiesBefore searching across all companies, you might notice that clicking on the search bar will suggest some companies - this is because, in the case of an email or meeting, Accelo intelligently looks through the recipients and will suggest the companies related to those contacts. Very handy if it's a simple case of moving an email that a partner company sent to you, over to a client contact who was cc'd on the email, as the client you are after will be shown in the shortlist:

relocate 2 companies

A Consistent Experience

This new relocate "modal" brings improved performance and replaces the previous relocate pop-up as well as the full-screen relocate form you might have used in the past. We've also streamlined the information shown to focus on the essential details of the work to help you identify the right record - primarily the type of project, ticket or sale, as well as the current status.

When you finish relocating, you'll see a confirmation "toast" message with a handy link to view the record the activity was moved into.

relocate toast

Search & Filter In-Line

Revealing all the contacts, tickets, projects and so on for a client can mean there's a lot to sift through when searching for the relocate destination, which is why we've kept the results separated with tabs - so you can quickly focus on the type of work (e.g. Retainer) and then take advantage of the new quick search bar to filter the results by name/title, quickly narrowing the field.

relocate filtering

For situations where the work you're looking for might have been closed (or resolved, or completed) there's now a handy "Show completed/inactive" toggle to reveal those records in the results too.

A lot of the improvements here are due to your awesome feedback - and we'd love to know if there are ways to make this tool even more useful, so please get in touch with support@accelo.com and let us know what you think!

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