Finding Projects to approve time or invoice!

By Hugh
Oct 31 2012 read

A few months ago we shipped the new Project Dashboard, which included some important metrics - like how much project work is in progress and the value of project work done this week. In the top right corner we also included some metrics to help you realise the value of project work that needs approving or invoicing:

  • Unapproved work - the hours and $ value of project work logged but not approved or invoiced (though the time may be against an open contract/retainer).
  • Approved uninvoiced - the hours and $ value of project work that has been approved but is not tied to an invoice. Note that if you have invoiced up-front and then logged & approved work on the project, this time will appear uninvoiced in this metric. However, once you move a project to be "complete" then it's time will be ignored from these metrics.

A few of our users have since pointed out that it would be great to click-thru on these metrics to see a list of projects in question.. so now you can!

You'll be taken to the project list screen and you can then open each project and approve time or invoice as required.

And a bonus is that now the project list screen contains 2 new filtering options so you can search by:

  • Projects with unapproved or approved time (or both).
  • Projects with or without an invoice.

Ultimately, we care about helping you get paid for all the hard work you do for your clients, and we're sure these features will make your life easier.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions we'd love to hear about them on our forum -

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