Santa's Accelo Surprises are (almost) HERE!

Accelo Unveils Four NEW Features and Upgrades

18-Dec 2018

Santa works hard, and so do his Accelo elves. In the latest Webinar, CEO, Geoff McQueen revealed four brand new Accelo features and upgrades, that will soon be live (with one already available)! But don’t worry, even if you missed both of the webinar sessions we won’t replace it with coal under your tree. We’re here to share the top sneak peek highlights 

‘Tis the Season for Accelo Gifts:

1) Custom Look & Feel Configuration
Status: Going live early week of Dec. 17th
Available for all Premium Accounts

“Accelo is for your business. So, we want it to look like it is for your business too.”

The wait is almost over! Deck your Accelo account in your company colors and logo. Under “Configuration” in the general settings, locate the Look and Feel section where you can upload your logo and choose from 65 million colors with the color picker, or one of the pre-built themes, including: Accelo Light, Accelo Dark, Jungle, Wine Spill, Minimal, or Coffee House. Once you’re happy with your selection, watch as your primary navigation on the top and your left side navigation transform with your vibrant new color scheme.

Customize Look and Feel


2) Tickets Upgrade
Status: Going live early week of Dec. 17th
Available for all Service & ServOps accounts

“Our users create 500K+ tickets. This is one of our most used parts of the product.”

Our Ticket product has several anticipated enhancements that will further streamline the ticketing processYou’ll have the power to create a new contact or company on the Creating & Editing Ticket page; link these Tickets back to retainers; have merge fields; set budgets more intelligently; categorize and delve into details with custom fields; and drag, drop, and rename attachments. There’s also upgrades for Ticket types, improvements to Budgets and Materials on Tickets, and the ability to create custom rates on tasks. 

Creating Editing


3) Checklists on Tasks
Status: Ultimate stretch goal, fingers crossed we go live by Santa’s arrival
Available for all Premium Accounts

“You shouldn’t miss a thing. Your clients and colleagues are depending on you.”

Stay on top of every step! When creating a new task you will soon be able to show or hide your checklist to see what else needs to be completed, change items on the spot, or edit if need be. When viewing a task, your overview is now your new default, along with the description, log time and checklist! Control the order of your checklist by dragging and dropping to the arrangement that best suits you.



4) Materials Lists & Exports
Status: Live!

Easy export for more analysis. Export a spreadsheet for detailed reporting.”

It’s here! In the left side navigation, under “Expenses” find our brand new section, “Materials.” In one central location, view a full list of your materials and filter them by: material code, quantities, how much you sold them for, and whether or not they’ve been invoiced or allocated to a budget yet. With this new feature, pull up a list of your vendors and export a spreadsheet detailing all of the compiled information.



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