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Four Reasons You Need to Install Accelo’s Gmail Add-On

Dec 14 2018 read

Do you ever get so wrapped up in Gmail that projects with impending deadlines get put on hold? If you're like most business owners than you're probably wearing one too many hats, and the last thing you want to worry about is organizing and tracking email messages.

With Accelo, there is a solution—the newly launched Accelo Gmail Add-on connects your inbox to your projects and contacts, organizing correspondence so you don't have to. You may remember that we released the beta version a couple months ago. However, we’ve elevated the Add-On with new features and functionality in order to make it even easier to use.

Efficiency and productivity are our bread and butter.

No longer do you have to bounce back and forth from Gmail to Accelo in order to track emails or locate important information—you can do it all from Gmail. It’s small things that come with an intuitive and automated platform that can make all the difference when you’re knees deep in deadlines.


Getting Back to the Work You Love

Still wondering why you should be excited about the Gmail Add-On? Well, here are four reasons we think you'll appreciate:

  1. View all the messages in a thread without needing to be CC-ed or BCC-ed.

  2. Create and manage tasks directly through your Gmail Inbox.

  3. Receive all client inquiries and colleague responses, which makes collaboration easy and avoids the uncertainty of wondering if your co-worker replied.

  4. Always know the context of the email. Never be short on details. Know instantly who the email is addressed to, the client's billing status and tier, the sale the email is related to (including status or value), the project the email corresponds with (along with the budget and deadline), and the retainer attached to the project that the email is referencing (including renewal date or allowance).  

And since we know you hate waiting...

Securely install the app from the GSuite Marketplace. For domain administrators, you have the ability to authorize the installation for all users across your domain.

Once the installation is authorized and confirmed open any email within Gmail and find the Accelo icon in the Gmail sidebar. Double click on the panel to connect and confirm your Accelo user account and you’re ready to go!

Make email even easier by connecting conversations to your workflow. If you haven't signed up Accelo then you can sign up here for a free trial, and, while you're at it, install Accelo’s Gmail Add-On!


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