Get your Accelo Inbox and Gmail account (even more) in-sync

By Geoff
Jul 8 2013 read

With our new upgrades this week, we've introduced a new feature that leverages the power of our new Inbox and keeps it in sync with your Gmail account, so whenever you action activities in Accelo your Gmail inbox can be updated in real time.

How does it work?

Every time you get an email from a client, a note from a colleague or type of activity in Accelo, they remain on your inbox until you action them. Actioning is like marking an activity as *done*, and is handy because it helps you remember to do things and not have things through the "email marked as read" cracks.

You can "action" activities in Accelo directly (more easily than ever through the new inbox) or have them automatically actioned whenever you or a colleague replies to them - and now, whenever you action an activity in Accelo, you can have your Gmail inbox updated automatically.

 Whenever an activity is actioned, we'll automatically mark the email as read in Gmail, archive it and remove it from your Gmail inbox, or both. The advantage of this is you can manage your client work and communications in Accelo (especially through the new Inbox) and avoid the distractions that flow into your inbox all day, and when you check your Gmail account at the end of he day to see your daily Groupons and Facebook notifications, all of the emails you've actioned in Accelo will already be read, archived or both in your Gmail inbox.

Setting it up

If you've got a Gmail account, you can connect it to your Accelo account from the Integrations screen, and once it is connected you can select whether you want Accelo to Sync with your Gmail account.

The four options are:

  • Mark as Read
    When you action an activity, Accelo can update your Gmail inbox to mark the email as read automatically, so you only need to action and address emails in one place and have it auto-updated in the other.
  • Archive (skip inbox)
    If you're more of an Inbox-zero type, when you action an activity, Accelo can archive or remove the email from your Gmail inbox; of course, because you're in Gmail, it will still be available through searches, but you won't have things you've already actioned and dealt with cluttering your inbox.
  • Mark as Read and Archive
    Want to mark things as read and archive them? Awesome - we've got you covered too! Keep your inbox clean and then if the conversation continues and new emails come in, only the new email messages will be unread.
  • Do not update Gmail
    If you'd rather curate your Gmail account separately, no worries - just choose Do not update Gmail and we'll leave your account alone.

We'd love what you think - if you've got any questions, email [email protected] and we'll be happy to answer them for you!

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