Goodbye Old Dashboard - Hello New Ones!

Oct 17 2011 read

The big news this week is the release of a new dashboard screen, and to make life easier, the ability to choose your home screen! Skip to the bottom if you want to review other minor updates.

New Dashboards - Manager Dashboard

If you are a client, project, sales or staff manager then this could be your new favourite screen :)  See below for an outline of the panels included in this new dashboard...Contract managers - please bear with us as we're making some changes to the contracts module in the next 4 weeks!

To access the new manager dashboard (and the admin dashboard), click the "Dashboard" button from the top left of Accelo.

  • My Companies - There's 2 panels here. On the left you can review the companies that your staff interact with the most. The pie chart on the right is great for then comparing those high-touch clients with the ones your team have actually been working on, and how much revenue they're generating.

  • My Prospects - clearly for the sales staff, this panel provides lots of handy filters to review your prospects by due date, created date, rating, value and activity (# of emails, calls, etc.)

  • My Jobs - with a focus on budget tracking, this panel will help project managers see which jobs are running over budget, over time, or have a lot of hours remaining.

  • Staff I manage - easily see how much time your staff have logged this week (or last week) and what percentage of that time was billable!

Home Screen Preferences? Yes Please!

Not a big fan of the To-Do List? Prefer to have Bookmarks as your home screen?

  1. Click your username in the top right corner and select "Settings".
  2. Use the "Default Home Screen" picklist to choose between To-do, Bookmarks, Schedule, Work and now Dashboard.
  3. If you choose Dashboard then you should also select the default dashboard screen - either Admin or Manager, with an Individual one coming soon.

Note - We've actually pulled out the old manually configured dashboard in favour of a new set of role-based dashboards. If you are really missing something from the old dashboard, email us so we can help.

Minor Changes and Updates

  • Adding Non-Google Apps users. Until this point, if your Accelo system was connected to Google Apps, you could not create a new user inside Accelo. Due to popular demand we have made it possible to create a normal Accelo user from the Users & Groups menu. This user will have no connection to your Google Apps domain.

  • Defaulting billable diaries. As we are updating reporting interfaces it became evident that allowing users to create "billable" diaries against records which you cannot approve for billing could cause reporting inaccuracies. Therefore, billable time can only be recorded against Jobs, Components and Issues as of this update.

  • Emails replies to Invoices. Some of our users noted that if a client replies to an invoice from Accelo, the reply isn't captured. We have changed the architecture so that the reply will be processed and directed to the email address that is configured under Admin > Accounts > Configuration


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