ServOps Makes This Season Even Sweeter

Happy Holidays From Headquarters

6-Dec 2018

Over the past year, we’ve made a habit out of checking in with our team during landmark events or holidays to learn more about how they spend their time away from Accelo. With Thanksgiving behind us and the winter season ahead, it's time to do one more check-in.

Get to know the team behind the platform.

For this holiday edition, I've asked the SF office what their favorite traditions are. One thing I've noticed is that the team really lets their hair down and embraces the time away. Take a look at some of our employees' favorite traditions below:

On the food:

Endless servings of food with no one judging. :)

My family hosts breakfast for extended family and friends on Christmas morning. We make a special family recipe called S.O.S. (or s**t on a shingle). It's chipped beef in gravy over a slice of toasted white bread.

On the company:

Seeing family and friends that I haven’t seen in a while.

On holidays in California:

You can usually get some last minute camp spots because most folks aren’t using their Christmas to sleep outside. 

On activities:

My favorite tradition is dressing up as Santa Claus and playing Cookie Monster. That's where Santa Claus walks across the room and the Elves have to toss cookies in Santa’s mouth. Great fun game for everyone in the family!

Going to the movies on Christmas Day and finding a good restaurant to eat at or grab takeout (aka Jewish Christmas). I also love Hanukkah: lighting the candles, eating homemade latkes (potato pancakes) with applesauce, and playing dreidel for candy

My favorite holiday tradition is building a huge snowman out of the sand with the entire family on the beach in St Augustine, FL. Every year the Sandman has a different theme, and we've made it in the newspaper four years running.

Why ServOps makes a difference during time off:

Working with a project management platform that supports all administrative needs makes employees' personal time that much sweeter. There are no fears of tasks being forgotten. With ServOps, leave the office with confidence and return on January 2nd earnestly. No one wants to turn on their computer after a break and see a wave of unanswered emails, invoices that were never sent, and projects without notes on where a coworker left off.

We've all heard of the Sunday scaries, but what about the holiday weekend scaries?

If you don’t have a platform that can manage all of your business’ needs while increasing revenue and productivity then sign up for a free trial today. It’s one small gift you can give to yourself and you'll feel the benefits all year long.  

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