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How Accelo Became Square Media's Best Solution

By Jon Perry
Apr 25 2018 read

Meet Jon Perry, the Digital Marketing Executive at Square Media Solutions, and a relatively new Accelo user. With less than a year of knowledge working with Accelo, Jon is only just starting to uncover the power behind all the automation... However, he's already boasting about the impact it's had on his company thus far! 

Check it out: "Hi, we are Square Media Solutions, a full-service digital marketing Agency based in Corby, Northamptonshire. We offer a wide range of services, ranging from website design & SEO all the way through to marketing consultancy and software design/development. As we’ve grown bigger, one of the inevitable tasks that we’ve had to face is time management for all of our clients. This is something that every business has to deal with, and many (including us) resort to using third-party tools to help us manage this in a quick, efficient way that doesn’t detract any time away from our clients."

Before Accelo

So, how did Square Media try to solve this problem? "We turned to tools like ProWorkFlow and Bitrix24 to assist us with managing our workflow and time, whilst also helping us store our client's contact details. We had hoped these tools would make our life much easier, but we quickly realised that the vast majority of them take more time to use than they actually save you! Not only that, but some of their key functions are seriously flawed, their support features are lacking, and the people behind the products didn't offer much assistance either."

After Accelo

"Accelo has truly been a godsend for both us and our clients, providing us with the features we need to get our work done in an efficient manner – saving us time around the clock! Not only that, but Accelo also assists us with providing as much transparency as possible to our clients, where we can export timesheets and show our time broken down into the individual tasks that have been completed in a single period of time. Accelo has helped us manage all of our data and tasks, for each one of our clients, with ease - something we are seeing the true value in every single day."

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