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How Accelo Helped MLIT's New Service Model

16-Apr 2018
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Kimberly Daniels CEO

The ability to track the progress of a shipment from the time it leaves a destination to the moment it arrives in your hands is something many people couldn’t live without… and that’s exactly why Mercantile Logistics & International Trade (MLIT), Inc. exists today.

CEO, Kimberly Daniels, took a leap of faith in 2013 to start MLIT: a customs brokerage firm based in Las Vegas. While Kim is passionate about getting goods from point A to point B in the most efficient way possible, she is similarly just as determined to work in a streamlined manner, and that’s why she uses Accelo!

Kim took some time out of her busy schedule to shed some light on her experience using Accelo so far and this is what she had to say...

"First off, most people have no idea what a Customs Brokerage House is, so let me explain... It is a business that processes the paperwork for commercial goods to move in and out of the country (that’s a lot of paperwork!). We employ customs brokers who perform research, enter data, and ensure compliance with imports and exports between the U.S and other countries is met. Suffice it to say, many of the goods you find in the store, online, or in your living room would never make it there if it weren't for people like us.

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Just like Accelo, my company and team are focused on the needs of small to medium-sized businesses, hence why we came up with a modern solution called CargoClear®: a product that provides all customs filing requirements for one fixed price per month. Thanks to Accelo, we also provide an online portal for our CargoClear® clients to access in real-time, to not only track the progress of their shipment but also store their records. With Accelo’s client portal, I can simply drag and drop client files into their account and handle every interaction with it from there. The client can see all filed entries for their shipments on one dashboard, and if they need to find their files again, they are always available and accessible from the same place.

Accelo made it so that we can focus on what we do in clearing goods through customs, and not have to write our own code for this portal. It was easy enough to incorporate our own brand and to provide each client with secure access to their important data and documents. Our clients are very happy with our decision to implement Accelo - many of them joining CargoClear® just for this type of transparency, organization, and automation.

With Accelo at our side, I have high hopes for the future of CargoClear® and expect to see amazing gains in membership by the end of 2018!"

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