Switch from Manual to Automated Time Tracking

How Automated Time Tracking Can Boost Your Bottom Line

6-Apr 2019

Manual time tracking can be a thorn in anyone's side. There's plenty of annoyance factors when it comes to filling out a timesheet - seriously who can remember what they did last Tuesday at the top of their head?

While annoying, accurate time tracking can really make the difference between agencies earning or leaking thousands of dollars annually. Instead of having to shuffle through scribbled notes, choose a system that will streamline the process. Automate the way you and your team track your time with these features:

Log your work with automated capture

Stop scanning through your planner - with Accelo sync your email, calendar and smartphone to pre-populate your timesheet based on your email correspondence, meetings you've participated in, and the places you've been with geolocation. There are three specific areas you could automatically capture into your weekly timesheet:

  1. Email Capture: Keep track of all the email correspondence between you and your clients. The time you spend writing and sending your emails will instantly roll into your timesheet.
  2. Meeting Capture: Any calendar appointments made through Accelo, Microsoft Outlook/Office or G Suite will be automatically added to your timesheet.

  3. Task Capture: Any task added through your Accelo account or synced through your G Suite or Outlook tasks will instantly find its way to your timesheet, so you don't have to worry about that.
Log time with the timers feature

There's the quick and easy option to click the +Create button in the top menu and then click 'Timer.' Provide a name for the time, and start running it as you're working to record your time efforts. When you've completed the task, click 'complete' and instantly log your time.

By leveraging these various automated time tracking tools in their day-to-day these digital agencies have increased their billable hours and their bottom line:

Digital Marketing Agency, 4MAT, increased their billable hours by 10% each week with automated capture, specifically with the email and meeting capture. Their Managing Director, James Saunders recognized with the help of these tools and having them accessible in place makes for "a much quicker turnaround."

Whereas, Roberto Ciarleglio, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Contra reported that it increased their number of billable hours logged each week by 15 percent. "With Accelo, we can record time automatically, and that makes life so much easier. It also means we can bill for more work and get better insight into the work that's already been done. When we start an activity, the time is automatically recorded and when we send an email, that’s recorded too - so we don’t have to try and remember to log this work at the end of the day."

There are endless possibilities when it comes to automated time tracking that'll help increase the accuracy of your timesheet, decrease the manual effort across your agency; so that you can spend more time scaling your business. Try out Accelo's automated time tracking today!

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