How Automation Can Help You Win More Accounts

9-Mar 2016

You work at a digital agency so by definition, your days are jam-packed. You’re dabbling in strategy, marketing, maybe some web design, not to mention the various projects you’re working on with your team. With all of that on your plate, it’s hard to worry about winning more accounts. So—here’s how automation can help:

1. Real-time visibility

What if you could have real-time visibility into how your projects were progressing so that you could make better decisions faster, with confidence? By automating your workflows, all of your projects and communications will be automatically tracked and housed in one simple place so that you can easily keep tabs on everything you’re working on (and how well it’s working)—in real time.

2. The client life cycle: illuminated

With CRM automation, you’ll be able have a complete view of the client life cycle so that you can make sure you’re touching base with important clients when you need to. With two-way email sync and automatic reporting you’ll be kept in the loop with what’s happening with your clients, prospects, and team—automatically. Leveraging this, you’ll be able to set triggers for repeatable processes, lock in more deals, and win more accounts.

3. Continuous feedback

Better visibility into your projects means better management and with that, comes better delivery (and more accounts). With dynamic scheduling, automatic forecasting, and internal collaboration you’ll have a complete calendar view of your workload and get continuous and instantaneous feedback on where you’re at with your work (and how you can do better).

Automation can help you win more accounts by making you and your team more efficient so that you can focus on delighting your clients. You should definitely explore some options for automation so that you pick a smart platform that’s functional, analytical, and collaborative. That way, you can get back to doing the work you love.

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