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How Client Work Management Can Help Fire Safety Consultants

Apr 25 2019 read

Fire Safety Consultants - you are truly unsung heroes. After witnessing the devastating fire that happened to the historic Notre Dame Cathedral, we're reminded of the importance of fire prevention. While not every fire is avoidable, fire safety consultants play a pivotal role in preventing the need to rebuild.

The work you do is critical to your clients, and society as a whole. To do the best job you can, it's important to have the right tools to help you do so. Instead of equipping your business with a system that's sole feature is writing up inspections, utilize a comprehensive platform like Accelo that'll help you streamline your business operations to get back to the work that matters.

Discover several of Accelo's features that are built to help your fire safety consulting services:

1) Asset feature:

The asset feature gives you the ability to organize, maintain and track each of your clients' locations and fire safety assets. For example, you can easily create a register for every fire extinguisher or other pieces of critical equipment in your client's building. Easily check when the last time each one was inspected, on which date, and when action is required. You can even filter the assets to find companies in a particular zip code, and see which ones have not been reviewed since the last time, or when the next audit is coming up.

2) Triggers on Retainer:

With the power of Triggers on Retainers, you can configure rules which trigger business processes automatically - including setting an automatic reminder for future dates of physical inspections when need be. This makes sure that you don't let anything important fall through the cracks no matter how busy your schedule gets. Retainers also make billing easy - so you and your experts can spend your time keeping communities safe and less time on paperwork.

3) Extensive Client Database:

With several clients, requiring an assortment of specific codes and regulations, you need a trusted platform to store all of this pivotal client information that you can access whenever and wherever. With Accelo you can easily track any and all activities related to each client with a quick search. You gain an instant window to all your client-related activities, can check the status of your conversations, see sales, and manage your records.

4) Automation for Your Email and Calendar:

As a consulting business, your consistent communication is key to the success of your business. Your management system should interact with your inbox and calendar in real-time. Make sure your platform automatically syncs your contacts, calendars, emails, and stores it all in one place for you and your team to stay in the loop at all times.

5) Checklists on Tasks:

Manage and track your tasks with checklists. Oversee priority to-do items that your team can view and update as needed. Consistently know when a task has been done, and which team member completed it, making sure everyone is on the same page.

Your Fire Safety Consulting Services are crucial and if you're still exerting a lot of your time on manual alternatives it's time for a modern upgrade. Try a modern consulting platform like Accelo that will not only help you run your business but help you scale and prosper!

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