Faces & Places of Accelo: Anthony Garrett

How This Account Executive Leverages Accelo Daily

Oct 18 2019 read

In the latest entry of Faces & Places of Accelo, we're back in the Denver office to chat with Anthony Garrett, an Account Executive. Originally from Texas, he is now in the tech hub of Colorado and has been at Accelo for a year and a half. Anthony has made a name for himself in the company as an individual with an incredible work ethic and energy, as well as someone who strives to provide the best service to his clients. 

While working at Accelo, he has found that he has improved significantly when it comes to identifying what a company needs to thrive and how Accelo can best support its customers for success. 

We're always looking for experienced, passionate individuals around the world to join our team. Check out our open roles now! 

Learn more about Anthony and how this Account Executive uses Accelo's comprehensive functions in his day-to-day here:

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