3 Tips for Client Retention

How to Attract More Business with Smart Technology

3-Mar 2017

Besides building trust and wearing a smile, there’s another way to win more clients this month.

Our partners over at Xero found that smart automation can boost client numbers by 500% in traditional accounting firms. While it’s still important to take the time to get to know your clients and understand their needs, the evidence suggests that it’s also beneficial to invest in a smart automation platform.

Here are 3 tips that will help you harness smart technology to attract new business:

1. Be on-time, all the time

With so much busy work going on at once, you might miss an important deadline or forget to chase up an outstanding payment - and although this was just a genuine mistake, it could cost you and your client a hefty fine.

To prevent losing business over something like this, use a smart automation platform that lets you set reminders so that you’re automatically notified when a task or bill is due.

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2. Eliminate human error

If you’ve ever forgotten to backup an account or incorrectly calculated someone else's finances, you’d know how much time is wasted on manually trying to fix things. What’s more painful than this? Trying to convince your client to stay after taking up so much of their time.

Be more reliable and accurate than ever before with a smart platform that handles all of the calculating for you. It can also sync with Xero, Quickbooks, or any other accounting software to automatically track your budgets and eliminate the need to store data in several, disconnected tools.

3. Keep everyone in the loop

With a Team Inbox or ‘stream’, all client-related communication will be stored automatically for any team member to access. This means a client won't have to be hassled with questions they’ve previously answered - because their details will be right there in front of you.

What's even better than this? You’ll be able to see what’s going on in pertinent client accounts (in real-time), without having your personal inbox flooded with forwarded emails or CCs - saving you from the painstaking task of having to dig around in various disconnected tools just to find the information you need.

This will give you more time to spend with clients so you can build stronger relationships and grow your business.

Sounds pretty good, right? Click here to learn more about smart automation technology and chose a platform that's right for you and your firm.


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