Better Communication Means Better Results

How To Communicate Better At Work

14-Sep 2018

Healthy communication is the best foundation for any business. Not only does it create a better work environment, but it increases  your bottom line, creates a stable work environment, and decreases employee turnover. A study found that companies that communicate effectively are 50% more likely to report high turnover rates compared to industry averages. With a cloud-based client work management platform, communication is streamlined with project tracking, project collaboration, team calendars, and a client inbox. Try it out with a free online trial today, and see how easy it is to stay up-to-date.

Here are some benefits of better communication:

Engagement & Productivity

Creating a culture with great communication creates transparency and establishes good relationships with both clients and staff. The better your team gets along and knows one another, the better they’ll work together on client projects.

We suggest is establishing a foundation from the very beginning. When you onboard a new hire, what’s the process to get them up to speed on their job, the office, the team mission, and the long-term goals? Staff training is great, and when your whole team is on the same platform and can access the same information employees will feel ‘a part of’ from the very beginning. An all-hands meeting can fill in any gaps or provide the space to do face-to-face check-ins.

Employee Experience

The employee experience improves when an office is transparent and key information is readily accessible. Knowing how to contact their manager and schedule a meeting should not only be available, but it should be easy. Can employees schedule a meeting with any member of their office? Is there red tape to jump over? Accelo's Team Calendars provide the perfect platform for employees to schedule meetings with peers or managers. The transparency of sharing schedules creates an open-door-policy atmosphere, which lends itself to better project collaboration and success. You want your employees to feel comfortable expressing their ideas, goals, concerns, or anything else that’s on their mind.

In the workplace, better communication is vital for success and long-term growth. A cloud-based client work management platform provides the resources needed to make sure your team is on track and working together. Sign up for a free trial of Accelo today and see how it could improve your business!

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