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How To Have A Fun Office Environment

27-Dec 2018

We're always looking for efficiency tips that increase revenue and decrease stress, usually in the way of a new technology. However, there are other methods to loosen up the office vibe and influence work. Particularly this time of year, there's a lot happening in and out of the office and managing workloads is more difficult. Taking a break, having  fun, and letting yourself laugh can turn around a bad day, relieve stress, and increase productivity. 

Laughing makes us better employees:

Studies conducted by MIT, Wharton, and London Business School found that laughter benefits businesses and has a positive impact at the office.  


Laughter reduces stress, which directly correlates with employee absenteeism, productivity, and retention. It creates a chemical change in our bodies, producing endorphins, stimulating circulation, and relaxing muscles: all of which keep us happy and healthy.  

Making small changes in the workplace, for example changing up lunchtime routines, have a Domino effect. Taking care of our mind and body with self care leads to positivity, and the more positive we feel the greater likelihood that we'll be able to handle complex work situations. Plus, adding a bit lightness to our step can be contagious and rubs off on co-workers and clients. 

Make having fun a priority at your office. Schedule it in.

On a company level, managers and employees can help organize Fun Fridays once a month and/or team breakfasts once a week. Connecting with the people you work with on a more personal level has a direct influence on company culture and togetherness. You'll see results in the way people work together as a team and the energy they bring to the office each day.

If you’re using a project management platform it’s easy to set up company-wide bonding in a team calendar-- block off the time and make it non negotiable. 

If you're looking for new ways to manage your time and create a more organized company culture, start your free trial of Accelo today.

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