Drive Revenue Using ServOps

How To Increase Revenue With Automation

24-Jan 2019

What if we told you that you can increase revenue in 2019 without taking on more clients?

Cloud-based technology, which, in the modern context, has been in use for over ten years, transformed the way professionals run their business and drive revenue.

Service Operations Automation (ServOps), a cloud-based platform and project management tool, helps you make more money without taking on more work. That’s because with ServOps administrative tasks that have held you back in the past, such as manually entering time on Excel and creating invoices, are automatic and can be recurring. The less time you and your staff spend on administrative work, the more time you spend working on projects, communicating with clients, and collaborating with staff. Effectively, more time producing and working billable hours.

Installing a cloud-based platform can increase productivity by 30%

ServOps takes on admin work; it streamlines budgets, invoicing, and the retainer process. With ServOps, your invoice process is not only easier, it is more accurate. You no longer have to worry about significant billable revenue falling through the cracks. If you're new to cloud-based automation, take a look at how our invoicing and Xero integration process can help your business. Operating out of a central hub allows you to monitor client issues with support tickets, and instantly approve invoices for a faster billing process.

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