ServOps In Q4: Productivity Through The Holidays

How To Stay Focused During The Holiday Season

28-Nov 2018 • Project Management

Congratulations! We are one holiday down! With Thanksgiving behind us, workers in the U.S. are in the thick of holiday season. Between office happy hours and an increased amount of homemade baked goods, it can be difficult to stay on task as you close out Q4. Here's how automating operations makes it easier to stay focused.

Treasure your time

There will be fewer client emails and meetings during November and December, so don't be surprised if regular meetings get rescheduled or canceled. This can be a blessing in disguise! Rather than chatting it up with a coworker, use that time to catch up on the work that you haven’t been able to get to. What are your year-end projects and personal tasks? We can be too in the weeds, or running to stand still, so we don't see the holidays creeping up on us until they're here. Short weeks don't have to be a source of panic. Think ahead so when you’re busy with holiday parties, you’ll have fewer to-do items on your plate.

Be organized

It’s easy to slow down and socialize, however, you will feel much better when you come in on a Monday after a holiday with your work in order and things prepped. Service Operations automation is a great way to track tasks and plan projects. Seeing all of your responsibilities laid out in a clear manner will help you move through the work, prioritize, and meet deadlines.

Don't always bring work home

Carve out family time and friend time. We work harder when we have brief periods of rest, and connecting to loved ones is good for our wellbeing.

“In the digital age many would consider this a nearly impossible feat, but it’s still one worth striving for,” says Michael Woodward, PhD, organizational psychologist and author of The YOU Plan.

"Try to set clear and reasonable goals for what you want to accomplish while at the office and be sure to commit to a hard break. The idea is to use your motivation for getting out the door on time as a way to fight off those tempting distractions."

How do you stay focused in the midst of holiday craziness? If you haven't yet, try out ServOps to see how automation increases productivity and decreases work hours. Sign up for your free trial here.

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