Rules Of Engagement For Virtual Workers

How to Improve Virtual Communication Skills with Accelo

17-Apr 2020

How do you connect with co-workers when you’re not sitting at desks side-by-side? Whether you’re working in a different location geographically or on the same campus but on a different floor, if you’re communicating virtually then learning how to connect online is an important skill. Personality, sincerity, and politeness is still an important part of the workplace relationship.

Practice virtual intelligence and establish rules of engagement.

What are the best times to connect?

Take a look at your co-worker's calendar to see spots where they're available. If you're not in the same office you may not know that Mondays are notoriously busy or Friday afternoon is never a good time to schedule a meeting. Ask the people you work with if there are any times or parts of the month that you should avoid or be more mindful of.

Discuss the best way to share information.

If you're using a project management platform then you may want to strictly utilize the Project Product that tracks tasks and progress. An organized platform guarantees that no one will be out of the loop when talking to a client and that there will never be the issue of duplicate work being done. 

Bring social (water cooler) talk into the conversation.

Be simple and genuine; ask people about their weekends and how they're doing. 

In all communication and work, be professional, but bring your voice.

Virtual emotional intelligence is important for any worker, but especially if you are someone who works in an office separate from your team. Don't be afraid to connect on a personal level with your co-workers and make use of team calendars, project collaboration tools, and scheduling tools. A client work management platform is a great way to stay up-to-date and organized while being away from the office. Sign up for your free trial today

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