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HubSpot now integrates with Accelo!

9-Sep 2017
geoff professional
Geoff McQueen FOUNDER & CEO

As part of our commitment to automate all the moving pieces of your business, today we’re excited to announce the public beta of our native integration with HubSpot, one of the world's leading Marketing Automation platforms.

Why We’re Better Together

As marketing professionals already using HubSpot, you know who your best leads are and where they’re coming from, but how are you going to nurture that contact once they become a customer?

That’s where Accelo comes into play…

HubSpot and Accelo

We noticed that marketing professionals needed an integration that not only helped them keep data fresh but managed their contacts from Lead to Revenue. So, here’s how we’re doing that:

Automation from Lead to Client

With this integration, you can easily synchronize your company and contact records from HubSpot to Accelo, making it easy to take online leads from HubSpot and work with them in Accelo, instantly. For example?

Automatically keep HubSpot data fresh

Real-time updates that your team makes from working with clients in Accelo are updated back into HubSpot automatically, ensuring your marketing data is fresh and enhanced by the whole client service team.

Full control of your data with rules

Powerful rules let you control what companies and contacts automatically get pulled from HubSpot (helping keep Accelo data clean) as well as limiting what contacts you push back into HubSpot (so marketing has just what they need, and no surprise bills).

Giving marketers visibility into operations

When key actions happen with a contact in Accelo - a new project created, a ticket resolved, or other object changing status - HubSpot will be updated in real time, giving marketers instant and effortless visibility into client service operations.

In a nutshell

HubSpot users finally get the ability to extend their service beyond a sale, and service professionals using Accelo get accurate insights into where their leads are coming from before prospecting even occurs.

Because this is a complex (but powerful) integration, we created a detailed, step-by-step guide that’ll help you get set up. It also includes some other known facts and tips that you might find interesting or helpful, so be sure to check it out. Of course, you can always contact with any issues.

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