HubSpot Partner Portal & Accelo Integration

HubSpot Partner Portal & Accelo Integration: Beta now open!

13-Feb 2019

We're rolling out a new beta program today - a smart linking integration for HubSpot Partners!

As the world's most popular marketing automation platform, HubSpot has built a thriving ecosystem of thousands of partners who help other small and medium businesses to harness the power of HubSpot. These partners work extensively in HubSpot, using the platform to create campaigns, send emails, update websites, build workflows and report on the performance of their marketing automation efforts on behalf of clients.

As a HubSpot Partner agency grows, the number of portals they're managing for their clients also grows - and grows fast! With this growth (and the ability to have test portals), it can quickly become a challenge to make sure you're using the right portal when you log in to do work for a client. Of course, time spent taken finding the right portal is time wasted, and if you (or your colleagues) use the wrong account for your work, you'll be doing a lot more harm than good!

A number of Accelo clients who are Hubspot partners manage work for multiple clients at a time. It's understandable that they would prefer to easily link from their client accounts, projects, and (most importantly) retainers directly to the specific portals of their clients directly in HubSpot.

hubspot dl

If you are an agency that uses HubSpot and Accelo, and would like to give this beta a try, we'd love to make it happen!  To do so, email and we'll enable it for your account and follow-up with details on how to use it. 

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