Intro to the New Client Portal Module

5-Nov 2013

It's (almost) here! This week we're launching the brand new Client Portal for your Accelo account, and to help you get up and running with it fast we're running a number of live web sessions where we'll take you through the features, configuration and answer your questions.

The highlights of this massively upgraded module include:

  • More fully customize the look and feel of your client portal, with custom images and a lot of controls over colors.
  • Allow clients to see more (or less) information on the projects, issues, retainers and even sales connected to them with powerful permissions.
  • Introduction of a new signoff module that allows you and your team to send files to clients and get them to approve them digitally and securely.
  • Be more collaborative with your clients; they can now create tasks, upload attachments and make notes against projects, issues and more.
  • Encourage self-service and peer invitations, with clients able to update their own account info and invite their colleagues to use the client portal.

The client portal will be live in your account when we kick off these sessions so you'll be able to put it into practice straight away; to reserve your place, click on the webinar time that suits you best from the list below:

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