Introducing Accelo

18-Nov 2015
geoff professional
Geoff McQueen FOUNDER & CEO

Building on insights from spending the last four years working with tens of thousands of professionals, and combining it with the resources of our formidable team of investors and advisers, we're excited to announce our biggest upgrade yet.

We're thrilled to introduce you to Accelo.

Accelo is the platform for transforming how millions of professionals manage and do their work.

No designer, consultant, engineer, accountant, architect or attorney chose their vocation to spend hours every week updating multiple systems while still being in the dark about what they've got to work on and whether their work is paying off. While the rapid advance of technology has mostly resulted in us working harder to keep up, we believe technology can also streamline and automate our professional lives, giving us back the time we waste updating multiple systems and timesheets, suffering through update meetings and much more.

We believe that professionals all around the world need - and deserve - a better way to manage their client work and run their businesses. Born from the first-hand experience of our founding team and their frustrations with trying to grow their own successful professional service business, we think the market has been poorly served by the technology industry and it is time for a technology company with a big vision and the team to make it real to give the millions of professional service businesses around the world a platform that actually works for them.

Accelo is the result of more than four years of work in building the best technology available to run a professional service business. It uses unprecedented automation and smarts to tackle problems that have remained frustratingly unsolved for decades, and makes this powerful technology affordable for small businesses worldwide. It is the product of both the founding team's personal experience running professional service businesses for over a decade as well as daily usage by thousands of professionals from all over the world.

Previously known as AffinityLive, Accelo raised more than $2M from leading venture capitalists earlier this year. Accelo and its brand new product are a result of combining years of experience and lessons learned with this new capital to help the millions of professionals around the world spend less time in spreadsheets and updating crappy software, and more time doing what they love.

We're just getting started, and we'd love to have you join us to change the way professionals around the world work so you can focus on doing what you love.

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