Introducing Accelo 2.0

By Geoff
Feb 22 2012 read

After 8 weeks of around the clock work, tomorrow we release the latest version of Accelo, version 2.0. This major upgrade has resulted in almost every screen in the system changing, and has been built on the feedback and suggestions we've gotten from our thousands of users since we launched three and a half months ago.

Highlights of Accelo 2.0

Highlights of the new version include:

  • Completely new navigation which is designed to be fast, uncluttered and easy to use. 
  • Redeveloped completely in HTML, making Accelo tablet friendly, and removing all of the old cumbersome framsets.
  • Automatic lists of recently viewed items to make finding the clients, issues, jobs and sales you use the most easy to get to.
  • A new activity stream, which makes it a breeze to see the recent work done for a client, on an issue, in a sale or against a job, including all of the automatically captured emails.
  • The ability to customize the titles of the modules in Accelo. Don't like Prospects, but prefer Sales? Sure thing - this and more are easy to change.
  • A new, easier to use Administration panel showing on one seen all the things you can tweak, change and improve in Accelo.

Coming Soon

In many way, though, this is really just the beginning. With this new version, our team have completely changed the way they develop and roll out updates to Accelo. Additionally, getting out of those horrible frames and away from that horrible tree navigation opens up lots of additional possibilities, including more reports, more dashboards and better integration with services like SalesForce, Adobe and more.

Oh, and we're starting work on an iPhone and Android app for Accelo - also high on the feature request list.

Finding out more

In addition to running free guided tours where we show you through the highlights of the new Accelo, we've also recorded a short video, embedded below.

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