Introducing Expense Entry & Approval in the Accelo Mobile App

1-Mar 2016

Our mobile development team have been working overtime to address some features you've been asking for - features critical for a professional who is on the road a lot! You're now able to create (and approve!) expenses against Projects and Tickets any time from your Android or iOS device!

Whether you're entering mileage when driving to the customer site, cab fares for that meeting in the city, a meal while working over-time or even replacement parts & tools needed to finish the job - they're all record-able in a flash via the Mobile App.

If your phone has automatic app updates enabled, you should already have the latest version installed, otherwise, just open your App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android), search for "Accelo" and install the update.

new exp fab

Create Expense

Once you're logged in, tapping the blue plus, or FAB (Floating Action Button) reveals the menu for creating new items, with Expense being the freshly added option at the bottom.

And it's on the Create Expense screen that we really get to show-off some neat features - such as the ability to include an image from your photo album or by taking a picture on-the-fly.

take photo

Screenshot new exp1Once you've selected an image (optional) for your expense, the next step is to search and select the Project or Ticket to link the expense with.

Just like in the web-app, your expense also needs a title, type and cost per item. Notice the "x1" button on the right here will allow you to adjust the quantity with ease.

You can also select the date the expense was incurred, whether you need to be reimbursed and of course whether this item should be billed on to the client as part of the associated ticket/project.

Once saved, a notification will be sent to the project/ticket manager so they can review and approve it, but - if you have permissions - after saving the expense you may be able to approve it yourself. And, if you're a busy project or ticket manager with approval permission, you can now approve or decline expenses entered by your team while you're on the road!

Search & List Expenses

You'll also find Expenses are part of the main app navigation, and tapping this option will open a list of recent expenses:

expense list

Search for a specific expense by title using the search button at the top right. If you're viewing all expenses, simply scroll down to reveal older ones in the list. We'll be adding more filter options here too - such as filtering by submitter, status and type - in the coming days.

Approve & Edit

Screenshot 20160211 141901If you're the project manager (or just someone with Expense Approval permission) you'll have the opportunity to search for expenses and approve or decline those still in the Submitted status. Simply view the expense to access the approval options.

Need to edit or delete an expense on the go? No problems! We've added this functionality as well, making the Expense features within the Accelo web app and Mobile Apps are very close to parity.

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