Introducing New In-App Help in Accelo

Introducing New In-App Help Features in Accelo

22-May 2019

There’s no denying that Accelo is a versatile product. With everything from project planning to managing support tickets and sales, the platform is a powerful tool for businesses looking for an all-in-one system. With all the bells and whistles, though, comes the need for guidance within the application itself.

That’s why we’ve been implementing new in-app help features to begin easing the user experience. We’ve slowly been adding new pieces into Accelo, such as interactive Learn buttons, educational hotspots, product walkthroughs and more!

Learn buttons on key pages in Accelo

In mid-April, four new Learn buttons were added to the View Project, View Sale, View Ticket and View Retainer pages in Accelo.

By clicking on one of these Learn buttons, a user could choose to either go through a base-level in-app walkthrough (recommended for new users), watch a short video lesson, or be directed straight to a relevant Help Guide.

We saw plenty of great interaction between our clients and these buttons, so as a result, we’ve launched two new buttons: one on the Creating a Project Plan screen, and the other on the Weekly Timesheet screen. We identified these pages as two major traffic sources for our clients, so we wanted to offer additional help on these screens.

Hotspots in pain point areas

One of the key objectives of this launch was to begin attacking client pain points throughout the application. So we’ve taken note: areas like creating a quote, editing a project budget, etc. are all places where we’ve noticed significant traffic to our help center.

So to combat this, we’ve begun placing tiny orange hotspots in these areas. Clicking on a hotspot will bring up an option to either watch a short video or be directed to a relevant Help Guide. If a hotspot disappears, simply refresh the page in Accelo to see it again!

Helping the new user experience

When logging into Accelo for the very first time, the numerous buttons and icons can be overwhelming at first. To help with this, we’ve implemented a New User walkthrough, where a brand new user to Accelo can get a quick overview of what they’ll be seeing upon first login.

Calling out new features with tooltips

Recently, you may have noticed a tooltip that appeared when visiting the Creating a Project Plan screen that called out the new Gantt Chart upgrade.

In an effort to be more transparent when we add new features into Accelo, we've begun implementing tooltips to notify you when something has changed on a page.

And we want your feedback!

We know this isn’t perfect yet.

There are always going to be new pain points to address, new help options to offer, and new ways to benefit our clients’ experience in the application. That’s why we’re looking for feedback from our clients to help us make this in-app help the best that it can be.

By clicking on a Learn button in Accelo, you can use the Provide Feedback option to fill out a short survey. If you love the in-app help, tell us! If you have a suggestion or pain point where you might want to see a hotspot in the future, let us know!

Provide Feedback 1

You can also send your feedback to We’ll be reading every piece of feedback that our clients provide, as we know that every comment, suggestion or idea can only benefit this in-app help moving forward!

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