Introducing Quick Add: A Faster Way to Add Activities, Tasks, Timers & More

By Madison
Sep 26 2014 read

We know that getting started on client work with Accelo hasn’t always been the easiest. In order for you to start a new activity or task, you first had to search for the client, sale, project, milestone, issue or retainer you wanted to log it against and then create the activity or task so you could begin working. It made sense when it came to staying organized, but it wasn't as fast as it needed to be.

This week we've launched a new feature to make it super fast for you to start work without sacrificing order for chaos. The new Quick Add feature inside of Accelo gives you the ability to start work faster than ever before, helping you minimize time leakage and maximize revenue, while keeping things organized and coordinated.

Create a New Activity in an Instant

Searching for an object first before being able to create an activity for that object is a thing of the past.

Now when you want to add a new activity to Accelo, just click on the blue plus sign next to the search bar on the top right of any screen. Then select ‘Add Activity’ from the dropdown list. When the activity window pops up, simply choose which type of activity you’d like to create (i.e. a note, email, meeting, call or postal).


Within the activity window, you can fill out all the information you need for your activity, including choosing the object the activity is logged against utilizing the same google-esque search capabilities featured in the Timers module.  


Think like this: add an activity and then fill in the object versus search for the object and then add the activity. The former is much simpler and much quicker.

new log time

Logging time on 'Add Activity' has also become more powerful with the release of timers. 

Speaking of the Timers module, every activity window makes it easy to track your time by auto-populating the activity window with a new timer. The title of the timer becomes the subject, the time spent working is tracked and the object the time is logged against is filled in as well. 

Tackle Tasks with Ease

Just remembered something you need to work on for a client? Someone just drop by your desk and ask with some help them with some work and need to create a task quickly so you don't forget about it later?

Creating a task using the new Quick Add feature is just as easy as adding an activity. Simply click ‘Add Task’ from the dropdown list and fill out the required information in the task window.


Again, think like this: add a task and then fill in object versus search for the object and then add the task. Just like adding a new activity, being able to start a task without having to fine the object it is against first save you copious amounts of time.  

Start a New Timer in a Jiffy  

When you want to start tracking your time right away, you can start a new timer right from the Quick Add dropdown.

When you select ‘Add Timer’ the Timers window will pop up on the bottom right-hand side of your screen. Just fill in what you are timing, the initial time you’d like to start, from and the object you are logging your time against.


Remember, timers will auto-pause when a new timer starts and if your computer crashes, your timers won’t! Oh and if the Timers window is in your way, just head to the clock icon in the top navigation and select ‘Hide Timers.’ Don’t worry, even when it’s hidden it’s still ticking away.

The new Quick Add feature is now live in your Accelo account! If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask! Just shoot an email to our amazing support team at [email protected], and we’ll help you out.

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