Mobile Timers Redesign

Introducing Redesigned Timers for Mobile

Jan 12 2021 read

For our mobile users, having an easy and efficient way to track and log time is crucial to your day-to-day. It’s important to be able to accurately track and manage work to ensure more billable time is logged and revenue is properly reflected for the business.

However, managers and team members know this simple task can be a headache - whether it’s starting a timer on a task and forgetting to pause it, or submitting a work log but forgetting to add important notes of key action items completed.

Accelo aims to empower users to spend less time on administrative time tracking and focus more on the billable work they do for their clients. In addition to the current Timers functionalities which enable users to start a Timer, label a time entry and attach it against work, we're excited to release the redesigned Timers feature to our mobile community!

Major improvements to the mobile Timers functionality include:

Descriptions Field to Timers

Whether a timer is running or paused, you can now add detailed work notes in the description field, providing an audit trail of the client work. This helps you keep track of what work has been done and gives managers and executives greater insight.

For example, an IT technician can now record how long it takes to resolve a request onsite with a client and take notes about the troubleshooting process, how the issue was found and other important details.

To add a description to a Timer, simply hit the Pencil icon on a running Timer, or select Edit from the 3-dot menu (as seen above). When you hit Save, those notes in the description field are saved and accessible each time you edit the Timer.

Once the Timer has been stopped, you can also save it as a Time Log or send it as an activity. The notes from the description will automatically populate in the body.

Timer Limit

Another concern voiced by our users within the Ideas Forum is that mobile Timers are often forgotten, or just noticeable within the user interface. To solve this problem, we’ve implemented a Timer Limit field to the Timer modal.

The Timer Limit field helps you budget the amount of time you want to work on a task. For example, you plan to only spend 30 minutes working on a client ticket. You can do this by setting the Timer Limit field to 30 minutes and carry out your work. Once the limit is reached, the Timer will turn red, signifying that you are going over the desired time. The limit will not automatically pause the Timer, but instead, notify you on the screen that the timer is running longer than allotted.

If you’d like to give the Accelo app a try, users can download it for free within the Apple App store or Google Play store.

For assistance, please reach out to our support team at [email protected]. Alternatively, you can check out our Ideas Forum where you can submit feedback and show your support for other mobile-related ideas.

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