Introducing the Accelo and Gusto Integration [Video]

14-Jun 2019

No matter your type of business, how long you've been running it, or how many clients you serve, there is a common scenario that can make even the most seasoned professionals squirm. You've landed that big new client and now it's time to get to work - it's a daunting task of meeting deadlines on-time, staying on-budget, all with the added pressure of scheduling your team.

How do you do it when your most valuable resource can also be a major obstacle? Your people. From your team's eclectic schedules, the upcoming holiday weekend, surprise vacation requests, and unexpected sick-days, managers need a better way to keep-up and prepare for the ongoing changes that will inevitably occur.

That's where the Accelo and Gusto integration really shines!

Gusto developed a special, new way to connect time-off from their platform to build even more value for any shared users in partnership with Accelo. It gives you the key information you need when considering PTO requests, helping you ensure that your critical resources are available when you need them most. Meet your deadlines and relieve scheduling stress by connecting Gusto to Accelo.

We're excited to partner with Gusto to make it easy for businesses to bring critical availability information to their client business system," said Geoff McQueen, CEO and Co-founder of Accelo. "Our users depend on Accelo to try and juggle multiple clients, projects and teams in real-time, and being able to trust availability information by drawing it from Gusto in real-time promises to make it easier to run a service business while also reducing the chances of people being overloaded.

Gusto is refreshingly easy payroll, benefits, and HR software built for modern businesses. Onboard your team, track time, and put your payments and payroll taxes on AutoPilot® with one simple, integrated platform.

Accelo helps manage critical business functions including: sales, projects, tickets and retainers, all in one place. It unites your entire team, as well as their calendars and tasks - giving you real-time visibility into who is working on what, how busy they are, and how profitable their work is to your bottom line. It's an operating system for your business, making it easier to review your client work and stay ahead of any changes, no matter when they pop-up.

Integration Advantages

When combining their powers, Accelo's Gusto Integration seamlessly syncs your team's time-off requests from Gusto. Automatically including them into your team's schedule and showing them as unavailable in Accelo.

  • Project Managers become the real MVPs: It seems like project managers can never win; balancing the business, the clients, and the team to get the job done. By leveraging the integration, you can confidently approve time-off requests, based on the most up-to-date data on the team you need to deliver; optimizing employee time for the business, setting accurate expectations for the client, and balancing workload across the team.

  • Make Scheduling Automated & Accurate: Scheduling big projects accurately is rarely an easy feat. Simplify the process by incorporating your team's availability. Always know what's going on in your business as it happens, with dynamic, visual scheduling tools making it easier to actually see how PTO would affect your project's schedule. Sick-time? No problem. Scheduled work can be reallocated automatically and if it pushes a project past a deadline, you can act as soon as it happens.

  • Every Employee Wins: Your team will love it too! No double or even triple-entry, across multiple systems, emailing everyone on a project, or setting a meeting to coordinate calendars. Request. Approval. Done.

Set better expectations for new clients, ensure delivery for your current customers and be proactive around the time your team spends out of the office. Accelo and Gusto, check out the better way to schedule your projects and run your business! 

If you're new to Accelo and would like to give the integration a try, sign up for Accelo today. For those new to Gusto, to make it even better, Gusto is currently offering 3 months free for new customers!

Watch the video below to learn more about the Accelo and Gusto Integration:


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