Juneteenth & BLM

19-Jun 2020
geoff professional
Geoff McQueen FOUNDER & CEO

Today is June 19th, now better known as Juneteenth, an important day in United States history where more than half of our team is based. One of our five core values at Accelo is Care, which includes not just caring for colleagues and clients, but also our communities. 

2020 is not even half way through, but it has already been a doozy. Starting with the Australian Bushfires (where we were founded, and the other half of our team live and work) to the global COVID-19 Pandemic over the last three months (which has affected our team, our clients and our communities profoundly), there's been a lot of calling on our Care value, and we've quietly done what we can as a startup. 

Over the last month, a third major event - the protests against racism and police brutality - have burst onto our streets and into the front of all of our minds. As a startup with team members from 13 different countries, the fight against racism is something relevant to all of us, as well as the communities we live in.

As a technology business with a diverse and global client-base, it is not the place of Accelo to preach, or even worse, engage in PR that makes this important political issue about us. However, Accelo as a group of people have an important part to play. We support our team members who choose to participate and make their voices heard, be it through peaceful protest, joining the chorus online, through quiet reflection/reading and/or another way. We also want to do our little bit to amplify their voices. 

On today, Juneteenth, and at a time of significant focus on the topic of racism, we've encouraged our team to take some time out from their work and engage in a way they're comfortable with to help make our communities less racist, and we encourage others to do the same.

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