How to Manage Project Budget & Stay Within Scope

29-Mar 2017

Whether you’re a film crew busy managing a project on site, an event planning agency with props and food to account for, or a consultant that has to log expenses against a budget on the go - keeping your projects within scope means staying on top of the materials and expenses that go with them. In the past however, keeping track of these things against a budget in Accelo wasn’t as seamless as it should've been, mostly because you didn’t have a way to account for these incurred costs against the budget you were working off of directly - until now.

To help keep your projects within scope and simplify how you manage them, this new feature allows your materials and expenses to automatically eat into your budget so that you can be sure the profitability of the client work in front of you is consistent and on track. Now, along with the non-billable time upgrade, your projects can have a fixed or defined price while having milestones or tasks within it that are non-billable - ideal for internal work that doesn’t benefit the client directly. 



Keep your projects on budget more easily

Now you can edit the budget settings of a project, milestone, or task more easily than ever with a cleaner and simpler interface and more help-text to guide you in your workflow. The enhanced functionality allows you to control whether or not materials or expenses you incur for the work you do eat into your fixed budget or whether you'd prefer to invoice for them separately. So, if you were planning an event for a client and purchased food for it, you could decide to have that expense eat into your budget (no pun intended) or bill the client for it separately.


See your budget get reduced for services as materials eat into it!



Example of how materials that are included in your fixed price budget are already accounted for - no need to invoice separately!


To get a deeper dive into how it all works, please check out our help guide.

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