Best Practices For Retainer Triggers

Make The Most Out Of Retainers With Retainer Triggers [Webinar Video]

19-Dec 2018

In the latest Webinar, Senior Implementation Specialist, Peter Escartin, and Thomas Buchanan, our Sales Development Rep, discussed best practices for Retainer Triggers and how to utilize tasks.

This is truly a time and money saver for you and your clients. Customized Retainer Triggers prevent delays on payment and deliverables. If you’re over budget and have yet to finish the project you can be stuck in limbo renegotiating, which isn’t good for anyone. However, if your client isn’t on monthly cadence you can set a trigger to go off when you’re at 75% budget consumption since this is a good time to reach out and try to negotiate more hours.

If you missed our Webinar, and want to learn more on retainer utilization, you can catch the Webinar recording below and read on for the highlights:

How to utilize tasks when making triggers against retainers:

To set this up you can navigate to Configuration in general settings and select Retainers > Types, Progressions, & Fields, as shown below:



Each type allows you to edit workflows, custom fields, and triggers. This is great if you’re a Managed Service Provider (MSP) or another service company and operate with budgets. Each budget can have its own custom triggers.

The best part is that you can create rules to meet your business’ own needs. Set the Trigger to only go off during business hours. Another example is creating the following workflow:

If Retainer is active and consumption is greater than 75% create the task by selecting Actions > Add New Action.

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These are only a few possibilities of what you can do with retainer triggers. To see what else you can achieve, watch the webinar below!


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