Making Payments a Breeze

By Sarah
Mar 27 2013 read

We're all busy, and if you're anything like us, paperwork and admin work fits well below keeping clients and staff happy in the priority list. This is why we've upgraded the account management and notification tools in Accelo to make it easier for you to stay on top of your subscription, catch up on overdue payments and keep your credit card fresh.

Overdue Subscription Warning

From now on, whenever your subscription is overdue, you'll get a red notification across the top of Accelo letting you know how much you're behind, when it was due, and a quick link button to pay online, securely and instantly. If you're not the Administrator of your Accelo account, you'll also get a heads up that the account is behind, but we won't disclose amounts or the overdue period - we know sometimes the non-admin users are the ones who depend on Accelo the most, and we'd hate our most active users to be locked out accidentally without knowing the account was getting behind. 


Credit Card Failure Warning

Whether it be temporary situations, like being over your limit, or permanent things, like your credit card expiring or being cancelled/replaced, we know that you'll need to update your stored credit card details from time to time. If we had an error last time we charged your card, we'll let you know with an orange notification bar.

By clicking on the "Update" button at the top, you'll be able to securely update the credit card details we have on file so future subscription payments can go through without you needing to be bothered at all. 

Future Plans

Unfortunately, like all businesses, we do have a few users who don't do the right thing. We have significant costs associated with "keeping the lights on" so if an account gets more than 30 days behind in their subscription, we'll be automatically suspending account access. We haven't implemented this automatic trigger yet, but we will be introducing it in April. If you see the red bar, please make sure you take steps to catch up soon. If you have any specific problems or want to talk to us further, we're available any time - just email [email protected] and we'll talk about your situation.

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