Updated: Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

Updates to Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

26-Jun 2019
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Geoff McQueen FOUNDER & CEO

As part of scaling Accelo, we recently performed a review of our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. These changes were made to ensure we stay current on the changing legal and regulatory landscape, and anytime we make such changes, we hope to make it easy for our clients to understand the changes. With that in mind, here's a bit more context on the changes.

Terms of Service Changes

Aside from a word or phrase here and there (such as adding "(including by operation of law)" under Section 8), there are two changes to our Terms of Service.

Removing references to the EU Directive 95/46/EC of 1995

When we last revised our terms of service, the world of technology was in a transition phase - the GDPR was coming, but it wasn't yet in force. To accommodate, our ToS had provisions for the language of the pre-GDPR "Directive", which was replaced with the "Regulation" (the "R" in GDPR). Since we're now 12 months since the implementation of GDPR, it seemed appropriate to remove the irrelevant references to a Directive that has been superseded.

Introducing Clause 14: Dispute Resolution

While no one wants to be involved in a commercial dispute with their clients, our previous Terms of Service was silent about how disputes would be resolved between Accelo and our clients. To help clear up this ambiguity and give our clients certainty around how disputes will be resolved, we've introduced a Dispute Resolution Clause.

Privacy Policy Changes

While our Privacy Policy largely stayed the same, we do want to share two main changes in the interest of transparency. 

Clarifying Research and Development to also include Performance & Analytics

While one could argue it was encapsulated under the previous text, we wanted to make it clear that we use the information we collect in the provision of the Accelo service for Research, Performance, Analytics and Development. Before we just said Research and Development, and while Analytics is widely seen as a function of Research and Performance data is critical to making good Development decisions, we wanted to clarify it. 

Our Policy Toward Children

Different jurisdictions around the world have different definitions of the age of "children" as it pertains to use of technology. While Accelo is a product for businesses and we do not market of promote our services to children, we took this opportunity to clarify the language for the definitional differences between the US and EU.


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