How to Use the New Scheduling Module in Accelo

Navigating the New Scheduling Module in BETA

6-Jul 2017

Like our CEO, Geoff, mentioned in the Scheduling Module Sneak Peek session, this beta is going to function a little differently than our other beta periods have in the past. For many new features or modules, we usually have a closed beta period where those of you who want to participate let us know, and we let you in. This beta on the other hand, is going to allow everyone to play around with it in real-time! As we continue to release new features and add more functionality to the Scheduling Module, you’ll be able to see how everything will work for your business, with your real-time data. If it helps, you can think of it as small incremental pushes that you can test, instead of one massive launch :-).

One important thing to note: as this is still a beta, you can expect some slower loading times and potential bugs, all of which we're actively working to improve on a performance level. Additionally, this upgrade will only work for Premium accounts.

Seeing it in action

To see this in action, you’ll want to add ?action=schedule_grid_view to the end of your deployment (i.e. and you’ll get to a screen that looks like this:


Then you’ll want to choose the Object(s) you want to search for - options include Projects, Issues, Sales, Retainers or even Clients (anything that can have a task assigned to it):

schedule3Here you can see a list of objects which match the search text you've entered. Clicking on one will then add it as a row into the schedule grid.

Notice how you can also view work based on your saved filters from the List Projects screen? Nice!

The objective of this experience is to see multiple work-streams in parallel (a form of work portfolio management, but not just for projects). In this example, you can also see we’ve pulled up multiple projects, along with the milestones and tasks that go with them - all of which are reflected in the calendar.



You’ll be able to see a list of the projects (or other work items), one per row. These will use color representation to delineate how heavily booked they are (and you can change the color and the threshold of it being "solid" under the cog in the top right).

By clicking the arrow to the left of the Project, Ticket, Retainer, Company or other work you're looking at, you’ll be able to expand the view to see the specific Tasks (or in the case of Projects, the Milestone and their Tasks).

By clicking on the "People" icon in the top right of the screen you'll be able to switch to viewing the work for each object grouped by the users the work is assigned to (highlighted in the red box in the screenshot below).


You’ll also be able to create Saved Lists of work items from this screen to be able to look at and compare different workloads. What that means is, you can reorder the list and save it using a saved list shortcut that you’ll find at the bottom (inside the purple rectangle above). Because this screen supports various items viewed together, these saved lists are specific lists of work items and not a saved filter - we hope you find these curated lists useful!


You can save this list as anything that makes sense for you, and use it as a filter to pull up later (these lists are only viewable by the creator). 

We're continuing to improve performance, and you can now add many items to the list and see super snappy results. We’ll keep you updated as we continue to release new functionality! Please let us know if you have any issues, feedback, or questions by emailing our beta team - happy testing! 

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