It's the end of the week and it's that moment you dread - filling out your timesheet! It's time to wrack your brain around all the tasks you've completed, recall the countless meetings you've attended, estimate the amount of time you spent drafting client emails, and compile it into a concise timesheet. It's not an easy feat. 

Automated time tracking is a true lifesaver. It ensures that you don't let any of your hard work fall through the cracks while accurately accounting for all the work you completed. 

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Learn more about the cost of poor time tracking and discover billable opportunities through our Time is Money study.

To help ease the pain point of tracking your time manually and adding yet another time-consuming task to your already full plate, we've compiled a list of 6 time tracking software that makes time tracking a seamless, efficient, and more accurate process. 

1. TSheets

Stand-out Features & Benefits:
  • We all experience those times where you're working on-the-go, and could really benefit from tracking time on the spot, so you don't forget later. With TSheets, track your time anywhere with your device of choice (Android, iOS mobile phone, laptop, tablet, text, dial-in number) and start benefiting right away from this platform's flexible timesheet capabilities. 

  • TSheets gives managers critical insight into what the team is working on and who is assigned to a certain task, helping to monitor efforts in real-time. 

  • With its integration capabilities, sync up timesheet data for quicker and more accurate payroll, billing, and invoicing. 

2. Toggl

Stand-out Features & Benefits:
  • Manual time tracking can be tricky to successfully tackle. Simplify the process - start a new time entry or easily continue tracking a prior task with just one click. 

  • It's easy to forget to track your time as you're diligently working. Luckily, with the Toggl Button and Toggl Desktop apps, you'll be reminded when you're not tracking. If you forget to stop the timer, no problem! Toggl detects idle time and later gives you the opportunity to decide what to do with it.

  • Do you live out of your calendar? With their calendar integration, turn meetings, tasks, and assignments plugged into your calendar into time entries.  

3. Accelo

Stand-out Features & Benefits:
  • Poor time tracking hinders your billable growth. On average, professionals leak thousands annually when forgetting to track some of the most time-consuming aspects of the day, from email correspondence, meetings, or tasks. Make time tracking easier than ever with Accelo's automated time tracking features. It seamlessly integrates with some of your favorite platforms that you're already using, such as G Suite and Office 365. Automatically capture and record time from your calendar entries, emails, and tasks effortlessly.

  • Avoid the stress of having to always remind yourself to jot down your time. With automatic timers working in the background to track your activity, it gives you the ability to keep track of your work as you're in the zone. 

  • Accelo empowers your business to go beyond simple time tracking, it provides the comprehensive capability to not only track your work, but run your entire business from sales, projects, retainers, service, and so much more from one integrated platform. Take advantage of all billable opportunities in a succinct system to manage your business from prospect to payment.  

4. Harvest

Stand-out Features & Benefits:
  • Convenience is key when it comes to automated time tracking. Add timers to your desktop for easily accessible time tracking and use it as a subtle reminder to track your time while you're hard at work.

  • The platform will even aggregate your timesheet data into visually engaging reports, giving your team insight into what's currently in the works. This helps them track projects and finances, ensuring you don't go over budget.

  • For your invoice needs, you can create an invoice from your billable time, send it to your client by email, and receive payments online. 

5. ClickTime 

Stand-out Features & Benefits:
  • Track time easily with ClickTimes' variety of time tracker options.

  • Take advantage of the ability to export timesheets to payroll or Quickbooks. You can even set automated reminders. 

  • With ClickTime features, simplify the ability to copy repeat tasks or time worked, saving you even more time to devote to other top priority projects.

6. Timely

Stand-out Features & Benefits:
  • Instead of relying on your memory to remember exactly what you worked on, Timely will record everything you work on with its Memory Tracker, where your tracked data is secure and located in a private timeline only you have the ability to see.

  • The system will take your recorded work, and group it together to suggest helpful time entries to lend a hand.

  • Not everything is set in stone! You have the flexibility to make sure your work is correctly recorded. Rename suggested entry titles, adjust grouped activities, reassign tags and then confirm your changes. 

Adopt automated time tracking to avoid the hassle of a manual lift on your already busy schedule. With so many platforms at your fingertips, make the switch to improve your own time tracking abilities and in the process take advantage of billable opportunities you might have missed before! If you want a streamlined platform where you're able to automatically capture your time, as well as empower and manage all major facets of your business, give Accelo a try today


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