The new Activity Stream is now live!

30-Aug 2012

What’s been going on? No, really. What has been going on in your business lately? What have your team been doing, which clients are they talking to?

If you’ve ever wondered this, and been frustrated that there’s no way to really know, we’ve got some exciting news. Today, we launched the Accelo Activity Stream, a new way to see what’s been going on in your business.

With the Activity Stream, we build on Accelo’s unique ability to automatically capture, sort and index client emails, and give you a searchable, filterable listing of all of the email conversations between your team and your clients.

Think of it like all of your team’s client activity, displayed like a searchable Facebook news feed.

To find this new stream, log into your Accelo deployment and click on the Activity Stream icon in the top navigation.

When the stream loads, you’ll have a chart showing you the total number of activities - things like emails, appointments, notes and more - that have been captured or stored in your account.

The Activity Stream orders the activities from the most recent to the oldest on any given that. You can scroll down looking at each conversation, and when you find one that you want to see some more details on, you can click on the "Show x activities" link to load up all of the emails, notes or other activities that were part of that conversation. 

From the expanded view, you can see:

  1. The subject of the conversation/email thread
  2. The people (clients and colleagues) who wrote messages as part of the conversation/email thread
  3. Which client/company the conversation is indexed against.
  4. The people who were recipients or senders of messages in the thread (everyone involved who should know it happened already)
  5. What the request is logged/stored against, such as a sale, a project, and issue or in this case, a request.

If you want to get more fine-grained, you can filter the list by staff members and/or clients, to show you a list of all of the activities that have either been from or to specific colleagues or client accounts. Just type in the name of a colleague or a client company in the respective boxes, and select the match.

By default, we load up the last two weeks, however, by clicking on the date selector, you can customize the date ranges. While it has been designed to show you a few weeks at a time, you can actually load up many months of data if you like!

Finding, indexing and displaying the thousands of emails that our average client sends and receives each week presented a few technical challenges, but we hope you’ll be impressed with what our talented design and engineering teams have been able to do. We’d love to hear what you think and your experiences, and as with all new features, if you spot a bug, please let us know!!!

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