New Feature: Automated Timesheets for Effortless Time Capture

Jun 7 2014 read

Between excavating data and having to reinvent your week, it’s not a surprise why filling in timesheets is a universally dreaded task. In a world of automation, timesheets should be easy.

Accelo takes a new spin on the traditional timesheet with the easiest and most intuitive way to track time. It intelligently captures your client touchpoints so that reporting your time at the end of the week is only a matter of tweaking numbers.

Here are some of the highlights:

Logging time is easier than ever

You’ll be able to view an entire week on one screen and easily change the total hours on a given day. If you’re familiar with traditional timesheets, this new interface will be very much appreciated.



Works the way you do

Accelo automatically captures how you spend your time, letting you focus on what you do best. We make it possible to for you to see the specific activities that combine to make up that amount. The new timesheets seamlessly integrate with the platforms you already use everyday, including Gmail, Google Calendar, Microsoft Office and Outlook. You’ll be able to switch between applications and know that everything is recorded effortlessly.



Capture more billable hours

Accelo’s automatic timers work in the background to track your activity, eliminating the guesswork of where your time was spent. 

Task capture: Whether they come from your Accelo account or from your sync'd Google Apps or Outlook tasks, you'll find them waiting in your timesheet.



Meeting capture: Any calendar appointments you've made through Accelo, Google Apps or Microsoft Outlook/Office are also recorded here.


Email capture: Accelo tracks all the emails sent to your clients and rolls-up those minutes into your timesheet.



The new automatic timesheets are available to all Accelo users. You'll find it in the main navigation under 'Work' and 'Timesheet Report'. For any questions, please email [email protected]

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