New Feature: Chat Live with our Support Team!

By Sarah Khogyani
May 15 2013 read

With the success and engagement of the Live Chat box on, we’ve decided to bring that utility into every Accelo account. Today, we’re happy to announce the Live Support feature. Not only can you ask quick questions about how to make the most out of the application, but you can contact us for any issues that may come up, and get answers right away. Best of all, you’ll be live-chatting with someone from our team.

Find it in your Help Section

Before, any inquiries for our team had to be submitted through the ‘Questions’ area and awaited response via email, which can sometimes takes a day or two depending on the load. Sometimes, questions or issues that come up are small and can be answered quickly, and we wanted to have a way for users to get the reactive support they needed. With Live Support, all questions-- big or small-- can be answered instantly from someone on our team.

Get your questions answered quickly and get things done

We understand that there are questions about the product, imports, integrations and more that are specific and vary for each account. Live Support aims to provide the help your business needs in getting acquainted with Accelo, whether that be importing customer data, integrating with your accounting platform (Saasu, Xero, or QuickBooks), or finding out where to configure your business processes. 


NOTE: If our team is fully occupied with other accounts or absent, you won't see the Live Support option in the Help Section. 

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