New Feature: Convert Requests Directly into Projects!

23-Oct 2014

Since we released the Requests Module last year, it's been a common occurrence for our users to get an email to "sales @ their company" and want to turn it into an opportunity or a sale. They'd also get requests coming to email addresses like "support @ their company" and want to turn those into tickets and track them through Accelo. 

One of the conversions we didn't address was the ability to convert requests into projects since this seemed quite unusual for our users. Over time, we've seen some more valid cases for turning a request straight into a project. For example, when a client emails your support team about a new job, and they are keen to get the ball rolling, being able to turn that request into a project quickly is helpful. It's great for those cases when the customer doesn't need a quote or a whole sales process; they just want to know you're able to act fast and start project work.

So, it's only right that we give you the ability to do just that - easily turn requests directly into projects right inside of Accelo. To use this feature, you'll need to get a few things in order.

To set-up a new Request Conversion: 

1. Head over to the Requests > Config > Conversions > Add Conversion


2. On the Request Conversion screen, select Project from the Object drop-down. 

R2P 1

3. Title your Request Conversion, select the Object type and Progression and select Yes or No in the Automated drop-down. Choosing Yes will give you the option to create an automated trigger for the conversion later on if you want to (blog post on this coming soon). 

4. Hit Save and your Request Conversion will appear on your Request Conversion List. 

R2P 222

The next step is to link the new conversion with a Request Type. This is important because you need to specify which types of requests can be converted into projects. 

1. Click on Types in the left-hand menu of your Request Conversion List screen. 

RP 2

2. Click on the title of the Request Type (like Support) you want the conversion to be applied to. 

R2P 3

3. When you get to the Edit Request Type page, click the Conversion tab in the middle of the page. 

R2P 4

4. Check the box of the new Request Conversion you just created and hit Save Type on the top right. 

R2P 5

Finally, in order to convert your request into a project: 

1. Go to Requests in the top drop-down and select the Request Type you're working with (again, like Support). 

R2P 6

2. Find the email from the feed that you want to convert into a project and click the Convert button and then select the Request Conversion you created.

R2P 7

3. On the Create New Project for Company screen, all the information for your project will be pre-populated into the form (feel free to make changes if needed). 

R2P 8

4. Hit Create Project and you will be taken directly to the project page! 

R2P 9

Now whenever you want to convert a request into a project, just follow these steps! 

Have questions about converting Requests to Projects? Email or tweet us @Accelo

Ready to give Accelo a spin? (no credit card needed) and start turning your requests into new projects now!!

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