New Feature: Customize Your Email Signature

By Sarah
Mar 27 2013 read

On the eve of Easter, our engineering team thought you'd like something more than chocolate eggs from a rabbit, so we're excited to announce that customizable email signatures are going live today.

As one of our most highly requested features, being able to customize your email signature is an important part of presenting your brand, your identity and in some cases remaining compliant (don't we love those disclaimers on emails).

There are two types of signatures you can now create: a company-wide default signature or a per-user individual signature

Company-wide Default Signature

Company-wide Signatures are perfect for creating marketing messages and links in your footer, inserting logos of your accreditations or anything else you can think of. Admins account holders can create an overall company signature via the Admin settings screen.

 Click on “Edit Signature” and build away (include tags, html, links, images and more). Emails from all of your company's users will now display the company signature that you've set. 

Because the company-wide signature is used by all users who haven't defined their own signatures yet, you need to use tags to denote variables like names and phone numbers, which we'll replace when each user sends out an email.

Per-user Individual Signatures

As a user, you can edit your signature via your profile. This is great for adding or tweaking your signature to include your own Skype account or Twitter handle.

By default you'll be using the company-wide signature, but you can choose to use your own.

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