New Feature: Email Aliases

By Sarah Khogyani
May 15 2013 read

Send Emails from Anywhere & BCC Your Project, Sale, Issue, or Retainer

Accelo users love the ability to keep track of all activity related to a client, project, issue or retainer. Between the emails you send back and forth, documents signed and approved, support questions submitted, and projects hashed out, everything is recorded in Accelo. 

If you're like us and you do most of your work from email, you might like the ability to record those emails in their rightful places in Accelo. 


Up until now, the best ways to track emails under a particular Sale, Project, Issue or Retainer item was to either relocate an email after the fact from the Client record, or to send emails the original email to a client from within Accelo.

However, many of our users write emails from Gmail, Outlook or even via mobile, and relocating things after the fact is good in theory, but not done much in practice. Additionally, emails you get from non-clients - like receipts, quotes or other important stuff - don't get captured against projects or retainers etc - it would be much easier to just forward them across and know they're in the right place, attachments and all.

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way to BCC an email to a specific project, or forward a quote/attachment across to a retainer? Well now you can, and more, with Email Aliases.

Introducing Email Aliases: easier, faster and more convenient 

What most users don't know is that Accelo has been capable of this feature for a while, but the aliases weren't listed anywhere and thus, undiscoverable. Now, we've set them up under each Sale, Project, Issue, or Retainer record so that you can easily copy or add them to your address book.

Now from wherever you email, you can add a special BCC that will record that email to a particular Sale/Project/Issue/Retainer in Accelo. And if you've got something in your inbox you think should be against a key Sale/Project/Issue/Retainer, you can now just forward it to the same address, and we'll either store or relocate the conversation accordingly.

Add aliases addresses to Google, Exchange or Office365 Contacts

Of course, being able to see a space on the side of a screen and copy the address is all well and good, but if you're in the back of a taxi or otherwise working exclusively from your email account, it would be much handier to just have that address on-hand in your contacts or address book. If you're a user of Google Apps, Exchange of Office365, we've got a solution for you - with a single click on the send to address book icon, you can forward that alias to your address book, where it will be automatically named and saved, making it quick and easy to BCC or Forward emails to a sale, project, issue or retainer straight from your email client or smartphone. 

BCC or Forward to categorize a whole conversation

When Accelo captures an email automatically, if we don't have an existing conversation to link it to, we capture it (and any replies) against the client/company account. With this new feature, when you're writing an email response, you can easily BCC the Sale/Project/Issue/Retainer's alias as a BCC, and it will record that email - and also move previous emails in the conversation - across to the same record in Accelo. If the email that's just hit your inbox happened to come from a client (and has been captured in Accelo already), forwarding the email to the email alias will ensure the previous messages in a conversation are moved as well!

Find emails where they belong 

Now, when looking upon your Sale item, you’ll find all related emails in the center activity stream. You’ll never again have to interrupt your workflow by having to send emails from Accelo. Do it from the comfort of your own phone, Gmail dashboard, or Outlook/Office365 inbox while knowing it is securely recorded.

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