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20-Nov 2015
geoff professional
Geoff McQueen FOUNDER & CEO

A product that automatically tracks and indexes the emails you and your team exchange with clients is awesome, - until it happens to share something sensitive that really should be private or at very least confidential. That's why we've had the ability to set these relationship preferences since we first introduced our ground-breaking email-tracking feature, but with this new upgrade, we've gone and made that much easier to use.

Rather than a convoluted "relationship" system, you can now easily set private or confidential relationships with clients, or specific contacts from a client, and apply these relationships for individual users on your team or entire groups.

relationship creation

Examples of where this can be helpful include:

  • Where someone on your team has a personal relationship with a client contact. If your colleague Tom, and Sally, who works for a client, are dating/married, your colleagues have no business seeing Tom and Sally's emails, but if Richard the account manager emails Sally, that is a regular piece of client correspondence and should be tracked. By creating a private relationship between Tom and Sally, you can be sure their emails won't be visible to other users.

  • Where a group on your team has a confidential relationship with a client. For many professionals, their own service providers are also their clients. An example might be the business's accountant; while the work the service team do with the client should be shared, the emails between the CEO and CFO talking about sensitive tax stuff shouldn't be visible throughout the company. By creating a confidential relationship between the accountant company and the "finance" group in your Accelo account, you'll make sure the emails between the people in the finance group (CEO, CFO) can be seen only by the people in that group, and other people in the company can see just that an email occurred - not what it contained.

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