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12-Jul 2016

For many of us, logging the time we spend working on various projects, tickets and retainers is a necessary part of our jobs. Even if the work we're doing is fixed price (or free) and clients aren't being billed by the hour, knowing where we spend our valuable time is critical to running a successful business.

While logging time is necessary, it's also something most of us don't really enjoy doing - like brushing your teeth! This is why we've worked hard to make your timesheets as automated as possible (automatically bringing in emails and calendar appointments, for example). Historically, however, logging time outside the Timesheet screens in Accelo hasn't been as obvious or intuitive as it should have been. While having a ticking clock on the creation of notes, emails and other Activities makes tracking time while you're doing work or communicating easy, the fact you needed to create a Note activity to log hours isn't that obvious, especially to new users.

To solve this, we're now introducing a new Log Time button in most of the screens you'd use each day in Accelo. When you click on this button, it will load up a cut-down time input box.

log time modal

While the actual time entries will go in just like “note” Activities - meaning you can see them in the stream, in your daily/weekly timesheet and anywhere else activities are shown - the ability to get to the box with a single, consistent click and the elimination of other options like Meetings or Emails should make time entry easier and faster - especially for new users.

The new Log Time button will appear in many places inside Accelo, including:

log time issue

  • In a new Menu Bar heading called "Log Time" at the top of many view screens, such as Sales, Projects, Milestones, Tickets & Retainers. Next to this button will also be a shortcut to start (or resume) a timer on whatever object you're viewing - simply click on the Stopwatch icon and your Timer will run automatically in the background for you.

taskboard logtime1

  • In the Task Cards - such as those on the Taskboards and in the Upcoming Work sections when viewing an object; 

view task logtime

  • Even in the expanded Task View pop-up;

    list logtime
  • And in various List screens, where you'll be able to find the Log Time option on the right hand side under the drop-down arrow menu.

    nav time
  • Finally, you'll also be able to log time from any screen you're on through the new "Log Time" option under the "Time" menu in the top navigation of Accelo, or - if you’re into shortcuts/hotkeys - by pressing the comma key [ , ] anytime!

The Log Time box itself has a few cool features we hope you'll find helpful and time-saving.

log time help

  1. Find what you want to log time on

  2. Choose a task to link the work to - if there are tasks available

  3. Enter a subject for your work log and (optionally) a description

  4. Choose a class to categorize the type of work

  5. Enter your time (of course) in friendly hh:mm format or in total minutes. E.g. entering 90 will convert to 01:30

  6. Timers - totally optional - are there to jog your memory in-case you had a timer already running or previously paused for the work you're about to log.

We hope this new feature makes the often annoying but necessary task of logging your time a lot quicker and easier. If you've got any questions or feedback, don't hesitate to ask them in the comments below or email!

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