New feature: Wear Multiple Hats with Divisions

By Sarah Khogyani
Apr 8 2013 read

Do you wear multiple hats? Perhaps you've got two different brands under one business umbrella. Perhaps you have a different set of rates you charge to certain clients. Perhaps you have a special VIP hotline phone number for one group of clients that you'd love to include in your signature, while other clients can't be trusted to call you at all!

To give you the flexibility to work with clients with different details, rates and even different identities, we've just introduced a new feature for Accelo Premium called Divisions.

There are many ways to take advantage of this feature - keep reading below to see how it works and how to take advantage of it. If you've got a special case and would like to learn more about how you can use Divisions to make it easier, don't hesitate to email [email protected]

How to get to the Divisions Product

To set up Divisions - with different rates, different signatures, different logos and even different contact details for your users - go into the admin section. Note: you need to be an admin class of user to do this.

Build a division and add the appropriate clients

Divisions allow you to categorize clients or individual contacts for "special treatment". Whether you've got a group of clients who get a special rate, a group of clients who you want to show a different phone number to in your email signature, or a group of clients who you want to see a completely different brand and email address whenever you send them something in Accelo, the concept is the same - Divisions allow you to select groups of clients and then change how you work with them.

Choose different rates for clients in this division

If you'd like to charge a different rate for a particular client service division, you can do so in this module and find it applied anytime you bill them from Accelo.

Assign staff with rates higher or lower than your default amount

Along with different rates, you can assign particular staff members to these clients, and even charge a special rate for their work. A senior designer might be worth more in the industry type you're choosing to work with, or perhaps you've negotiated a lower price for this group of clients (perhaps they're your original clients and you promised to give them preferential rates).

Build a custom signature for this division

As if you had a sub-company, you can assign a custom signature for this part of your business - great for situations where you want to give a group of clients a different phone number because they're VIPs, or for that matter not show a phone number at all because they're not!!

For those clients out there running multiple brands under one roof, Divisions are also a great way to present multiple faces and brand identities to different clients from the same Accelo instance. Custom logos, colors, email addresses and website links are all possible - you're only limited by your imagination (and the fact email programs aren't great at rendering fancy signatures - so don't try including stuff too fancy that might get you blocked by spam checking systems!)

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