Add & Edit Clients With Ease - New UI

New Look for Create & Edit Company

5-Sep 2018

Adding your clients, vendors, prospects and partners into Accelo just got a little bit easier thanks to the streamlined new interface of the Add Company and Edit Company screens.

add company big

As you'll discover upon editing or adding a new company from today, there's now a clear left-to-right pattern which emulates the thought process of entering or updating data. We've also included clearer headings with extra help text to clarify some of the features, and collapsed away more non-essential fields within "More" links.

Detecting Similar or Duplicate Companies

Managing data duplication is also a breeze, as we've enhanced this feature to identify when a duplicate company already exists as well as inform you if there are companies with similar names already in Accelo.

duplicate detection

Add New Options On-the-fly

When it comes to identifying groups or categorizations to associate with the company, if the option you need doesn't exist yet - no worries! Simply finish typing it, then click "Add new value" to have it inserted into the list of options.

giffy categ

Add New or Link Existing Contacts

Creating new contacts for this company is also a breeze with a more slimline form for entering the essential details, with optional (non required) fields being tucked away towards the end of the Contact form. Duplicate detection for the contacts area has also been enhanced to match on the email field too - which means if someones surname changes but their email hasn't, we'll spot the email that's already in use and let you know!

email detection

For the eagle-eyed data entry guru, you'll find that when you do link an existing contact, this new form permits you to update the existing contact name, title, comments as well as contact-level custom fields and categories at the same time as you're entering their new phone, email, position etc. for the new company.

Establish Email Confidentiality Settings

For those occasions where you're adding a vendor, partner or other contacts where there may be some sensitive email conversations, setting up confidential relationships can help ensure only those who need to know will see the details in Accelo. Having the option to set-up these relationships at the point the company/contacts are created reduces the risk of this information being overtly visible or accessible to the rest of the team.

The new Privacy section helps solve this problem. To keep it simple you just search and select the staff who's interactions with contacts at this client (emails to and from any contact) should be kept confidential. To customize further or add secret relationships, you will need to create the company.

priva comp

Edit Company Refresh

The new edit company experience strives to replicate the new patterns introduced with the create experience, with a few subtle differences. Primarily, you will notice the Contacts section isn't shown as our thinking is that once the company exists, it's simpler & quicker to add or edit specific contacts rather than coming into the company edit flow. Similarly, adding addresses and managing privacy settings should be done from the View Company screen for a more feature rich experience.

edit comp

This means that the Edit Company interface is a lot cleaner and simpler, so to optimize the space, we've also moved the Categories and Custom Fields sections into the middle column

What's next in the interface improvements?

To complement this work, our team are pushing hard to introduce a streamlined Create Contact interface and a new Edit Contact screen to match, to be closely followed by a slick new process for creating & editing tickets/issues!

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