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By Alex
Apr 16 2013 read

This one is a bit of a smaller update, but we hope you find it useful, and most all, helpful!

We've recently upgraded our in-app help feature to make it easier to ask questions, share your ideas and most of all, made sure you and other new users know we've got guides and videos without taking over your screen!

Got Questions? Ask away!

While we've had the "Ask a Question" feature in Accelo for a while, it was hidden away under another click and a generic "Help" button. Now we've made it really obvious where you should go if you want to ask a question! Simply click on this link, enter your question and we'll send it straight through to our support team.

Share your Ideas (and vote on others)

While this feature hasn't changed - we're still using the great platform provided by our friends at UserVoice - we've made it a lot easier to jot down your ideas; just click on the middle "Ideas" button and then either create a new idea/suggestion or vote for someone else who had the idea first to push it up our priority list and onto our Roadmap!

Tutorial Videos & Helpful Links

One of the features we made a mistake with when we initially implement our in-app help videos was auto-loading them! Argh - you've just gotten to a new screen and there's a video in your way!

To help find a better balance between helping and hindering, we've redesigned our Tutorial Videos and Help Links. Now when you look at a page in Accelo which has videos or links to our Help website, you'll see a "Guides" navigation item. Simply click on that and you'll see a bunch of help content, and to help new users get familiar with screens they haven't visited before, we now show a video bubble the first time you come into a page that hovers for a second or two in the top right before sliding away behind the guides link.

Got suggestions on how we can make using Accelo easier for new users and experienced ones alike? Start a discussion in our Users Group or email [email protected] - we'd love to hear what you think!

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