New Requests Module & Bulk Delete

11-Jul 2011
Hugh Cowling

We've just pushed a bunch of new Accelo features, some of which we're sure are going to be pretty popular!

 New Requests Module

While the ability to automatically create a support issue via email has been in Accelo for a while, we've gotten feedback from users that this approach can create a bit too much clutter; client questions which don't deserve full Issue status are clogging up the things for example. The other thing we've been hearing is that clients want to be able to handle other types of requests, like sales enquiries, and have them put into a queue to either turn into a full blooded prospect, or dismissed as spam or irrelevant.

To solve these challenges, we've developed the new requests module.

If you choose to configure the request feature, instead of client support emails going directly to Issues in Accelo, or sales enquiries turning into a prospect record, you can have them sit on a request queue and choose which ones to convert and which to dismiss.

Highlights of the new requests module:

  • Multiple types of request - so emails to can appear as "sales" requests in Accelo, which by default will convert to a Prospect record, whilst support@ can default to "issue" requests. Emails to can, for example, be turned into either an issue or a sales opportunity.
  • When a request comes in, you can configure, based on the type of request, specifically which staff should be notified. They'll get an email, and if they reply, their reply will go straight back to the client, being tracked automatically using the automatic email capture feature in Accelo. When a staff member "converts" the request into an issue or prospect, the emails are moved across to the issue or prospect so you have a full history. If a staff member "trashes" the request, the emails are removed from todo list of the other staff who were notified, saving double handling and confusion among your team.

To start configuring requests follow the instructions on our help website.

 Bulk Company Delete

So, you've run your import, slurped in your Google Contacts, or imported information from Basecamp or your accounting package, and then you realise you've made a mistake. Or your data is horribly messy. You want to back out, blow it all away, and start again? Before this was really hard, but now you can perform a bulk company delete! Awesome!

"wipe all my data feature" depending on how you look at it! This is ideal if you've imported a bunch of companies, and identified several that don't belong (or are duplicated). You can go through and mark them as "inactive" and then, in bulk, delete all those "inactive" companies.

Moreover, if you made a mistake during import and want to start again, you can choose to delete all company/contact data (which also deletes things like jobs, issues and diaries). We've written a short help article on using the bulk delete feature here.

Company exports now include company segmentations

If you haven't explored the Company List screen, there's actually a couple of handy Export options:

Provided you have export permissions, you can view a list of companies or contacts in a spreadsheet format. We've just updated these exports to include any company segmentation fields you have indicated should be exportable.


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