New: Type names into the To: field on diaries, invoice imports & more!

Aug 25 2011 read

Accelo updates are rolling out today. Here's a summary of the coolest features.

Type names into the "Attention" field on diaries!

If this feature could talk, it would probably say in a Ron Burgundy way: "I don't know how to put this, but I'm kind of a big deal"

Requests for this feature have been flowing steadily in over the last few months. We finally bit the bullet and have updated the "Add Diary" page so you can start typing into the Attention/To/CC field and a drop-down will appear showing any matching names. This allows you to easily select someone without reaching for your mouse!

  • Pressing Tab or Enter will insert the selected name (or the top one if none yet selected).
  • Backspace can be used to clear names.
  • Hitting spacebar will match nearly every contact (the space between their first and last name).
  • Staff are represented by a blue colour, and contacts are green.


Syncing contacts with your iPhone

If you're an iPhone user, you may have found that contacts you synced between Accelo and Google Contacts worked great, but when synced down to your iPhone there were some fields missing. It turns out Apple were being a little strict with the fields labels, but we've managed to comply :)

We also improved the contact "push to addressbook" feature to work after deleting a pushed contact. This means if you push a contact from Accelo to your Google Contacts lists, and for some reason delete the contact from Google, re-pushing from Accelo will work.


Better integration with Xero and Saasu - import invoices

If you were an early adopter of cloud accounting software Xero or Saasu, then you've probably got a lot of contact and invoice information which until now, wasn't easy to see inside Accelo. Now you can import invoices and contacts into Accelo quickly and easily - it literally is the click of a button

The big advantage of doing this is you can look at a client record in Accelo and not only see jobs and invoices that were created in Accelo, but also invoices that were raised before you began using Accelo - helping you achieve a single client view.

Importing invoices and contacts from Xero

Importing invoice and contacts from Saasu

Contract Export.

For the excel reporting enthusiast, you can now export a list of contracts from the contract list screen into an excel spreadsheet format.

If there are multiple types of contract in the same export, they will be separated across different sheets.

Stay tuned for some new integrated reporting features in Accelo.



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