Don't Lose Your Clients To Competition

On Building Client Relations

6-Mar 2019
Client Relationships

Do your clients know that you have their best interest at heart? Keeping clients happy means that you need to show them you're thinking about them through consistent communication. If they feel like they're receiving second-tier services or, worse, feel as though they have been forgotten, then you're at risk of losing business to one of your competitors. We've found that 14% of clients say that they left a company because of the service/product they were receiving. Furthermore, unhappy clients talk, and your reputation may be on the line. 

You can't grow your business without clients, so, how do you keep your clients happy?

Know the key touch points:

How are your clients interacting with your business? Typically, it's through social media, email marketing, and personal relations (meetings, calls, conversational emails). Throughout all of your channels, keep the message consistent.

With a platform like Service Operations Automation, consistency is easy because you can see what your teammates are working on through the Team Calendar, Dashboard, and Projects Module. Whether you're editing the email marketing campaign or about to hop on a one-to-one call, a quick check-in with an automated system will let you know where things stand across the board.

Additionally, some clients want to hear from their agencies frequently, but not always. Find out client preferences to see who is expecting to hear from you frequently. If, for example, a client prefers brevity then check in to see when you send email marketing campaigns. If they go out on Mondays, maybe hold off on other correspondence until later in the week. This way they aren't hearing from your team all at once and then experiencing a long period of radio silence.

We love utilizing automation to ensure things like this *don't* happen. The benefits of an automated project management platform include setting up automated triggers that let you know where a project stands or shoot off a check-in email at appropriate times. It's great insurance. You don't want your client to go weeks without a message and with automated triggers, you're able to leverage a personal, consistent experience for each client, and set up a sequence that works for that contract.

These little details matter, and working on the client or customer experience will benefit your business in more ways than one. It aids retention, client loyalty, and reputation. When you lose clients it's common that they are migrating their business to a competitor, which isn't good for your reputation in the industry.

Finally, we recommend asking your clients for feedback. If you're using automation in your communications then it's a good time to see how the services feel on the client end. You might realize that you need to change up the messaging or timing. If you're new to ServOps, try working with a smart platform to see the benefits and ease of Accelo. You can sign up for a free trial today, and get to work on strengthening your client relationships.


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